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Online Entry Registration for Vicbrew 2022 is now open at


The Westgate Brewers have announced that this years Westgate Stout Extravaganza competition will need to be moved from the first Sunday in July to Sunday July 17th.

The Bayside Brewers Oktoberfest competition has been scheduled for October 29th at the Bad Sheperd Brewery in Cheltenham.

The Yarra Valley Brewers Belgian Beerfest competition still has no date but the club is hopefully of running the competition in August.


The Vicbrew 2022 Competition has been scheduled for September 10th and 11th.
NOTE: That there have been a number of changes to Categories and Substyles for Vicbrew and the AABC competition this year.
The list of categories and substyles for 2022 can be found here.

Entries will once again be online via
The site is likely to begin accepting entries from June 1st.

Victoria will also be hosting the AABC 2022 as a part of The Australian National Homebrew Conference (ANHC 2022) on Thursday 13th October. Vicbrew would like to ask all Victorian BJCP accredited judges to consider volunteering to help with these competitions.


Vicbrew Club Sponsorship offer for 2022:

For 2022 Vicbrew is offering to provide a cash sponsorship towards any club running an Open Competition in Victoria. Terms are as follows

1. Cash sponsorship of $150 to any club running an open brewing competition where all Victorian residents are eligible to enter will be made upon application (The availability and amount of sponsorship to be reviewed annually and subject to Vicbrew finances)
2. Sponsorship to be available to all Victorian based clubs that have representation on the Vicbrew Committee with a limit of one sponsorship per club per year.
3. Applications for sponsorship must be made prior to event.

contact to apply for sponsorship offer.


Vicbrew 2021 RESULTS: Vicbrew 2021 Results are now online.
The Vicbrew Committee would like to thank all participants that attended and helped this event to happen under difficult circumstances.


IMPORTANT: Closing date for entry drop-off is now 1pm on Saturday 6th November (10:30am for BALLARAT collection point only).

We are still aiming to run the competition this year. The preferred dates are now November 27th and 28th but this is not yet confirmed. If the competition is cancelled, entry fees will be refunded. Vicbrew 2021 competition will be a State Championship only as the AABC 2021 competition has already been run.


The new provisional date for Vicbrew 2021 is now November 20th and 21st. NOTE that date and venue are not yet confirmed. More information coming soon.

Due to COVID and the forced delay of the competition Vicbrew 2021 will be a State Championship only with no qualifying for AABC 2021.


IMPORTANT: Closing date for entry drop-off has been extended AGAIN due to lockdown restrictions. Deadline TBA.

We are still aiming to run the competition this year. If the competition is cancelled, entry fees will be refunded. Vicbrew 2021 competition will be a State Championship only and not act as a qualifier for AABC 2021 if it cannot be run before the AABC 2021 cut-off date.

Juding has been postoped. New date TBA.

Note that when the judging venue re-opens, there might be a requirement for patrons (judges and stewards) to be vaccinated.


It is also possible Judging sessions may be forced to be postponed to a later date than currently advertised.

Nothing is certain but the view of the Vicbrew committee is that Vicbrew 2021 will go ahead until it becomes impossible to do so.


IMPORTANT: Closing date for Vicbrew 2021 entry drop-off has been extended to 1pm on Saturday 04/09/2021

Extension due to new Victorian lockdown being extended to September 2nd. At this stage the competition has not been cancelled, however it is possible restrictions may force judging sessions to be postponed to later dates.



Entrants, Judges and Stewards can now create their accounts for the Vicbrew 2021 competiton at Anyone wishing to register as either a judge or steward can do so now too.

Entries for the competition will be accepted from 7am Monday morning.



Our appologies. The new software for entry registrations has been configured and everything seems to be working except for account registrations and modifications. A support call has been issued and we hope to have the problem fixed within a day or two. This problem will also affect anyone wishing to register as a judge or steward as well as entrants.


Vicbrew entry registrations will be accepted from 1pm on Wednesday 07/07/2021 at Please note that Vicbrew have moved to BCOE&M software this year to bring us into line with other states. As such new accounts will need to be created in order to submit entries. Account creation is open now on the site.


Westgate Stout Extravaganza results now available here.


Vicbrew 2021 has been tentatively scheduled for September 11th and 12th at the Belgian Beer Cafe, Southbank.
Entries will be accepted online from June 30th. Compmaster will not be used this year and entries will be via


We regret to announce that the Vicbrew 2020 competition has been cancelled. Current Victorian lockdown rules would make it impossible to run the competition even under a distributed judging plan over a number of weeks. Entry registration via compmaster has been suspended and entrants who have already paid will be refunded entry fees.


Entries for the Vicbrew 2020 competition have been temporarily suspended in compmaster. A decision on whether the competion is to proceed or be cancelled will be made on Friday 24th July.


The Vicbrew 2020 competition will be activated for entry registrations on July 1st. Goto for entry submissions. NOTE: A maximum of 12 entries per entrant for this competition only.


Covid 19: At this stage most of the State Qualifying competitions for the National Championships (AABC 2020) have not been cancelled. Planning for Vicbrew 2020 is proceeding as normal with the competiton provisionally planned to be held at The Belgian Beer Cafe Southbank in September as in previous years. If local laws prevent this contingencies to conduct judging in small groups at multiple locations may occur. More information soon.


Open Competition Cancellations: The Merri Mashers IPA competiton (March 22nd), Yarra Valley Brewers Belgian Beerfest (April 4th) and Westgate Stout Extravaganza (July 5th) competitions have all been cancelled for this year due to public health concerns.

At this stage Vicbrew 2020 will be going ahead. The provisional date for the competition is September 12th and 13th.


Belgian Beerfest 2020 CANCELLED: The Yarra Valley Brewers announced today that due to public health concerns the Belgian Beerfest 2020 would be cancelled for this year:


Because of the COVID19 epidemic and as a consequence, the State and Federal Govt requests for limited social contact to limit the spread of the virus and the judgement that the peak of this disease will not be reached until early – mid May, Colin, Mike and myself have made the decision to cancel the Belgian Beerfest for this year. This is a disappointment as it takes an amount of effort to stage the event, but we feel the decision is prudent given the circumstances.

We are presently informing all those who have an interest in the competition of this decision.

Any-one who may have been going to enter a beer in the comp should drink the entry on Sat 4 April and console yourself that it was a potential first place in its category.


Charles (on behalf of the Yarra Valley Brewers Club)


Beerfest 2020 RESULTS: Beerfest 2020 Results are now online.


VICBREW RESULTS: Appologies for the delay. Vicbrew 2019 Results are now online. Thanks to everyone who contributed over the weekend.


Westgate Stout Extravaganza results for this year are now available at


Entries for Vicbrew 2019 are now being accepted via compmaster NOTE that entries still need to be delivered to a Vicbrew collection point before midday on August 31st.


Dates for several of the Club run open competitions including Beerfest 2019, Merri Mashers IPA Competition and Belgian Beerfest 2019 have been announced. Details available here.


Full AABC 2018Results now available


VicBrew 2018

Results will hopefully be up on the website tommorrow night. Thanks to everyone who helped make this years event a sucess. Almost 600 entries judged at this years event.


VicBrew 2018

Important information for all VicBrew 2018 entrants, judges and stewards.
1. Entries will be online only at commencing from 9am on Saturday 14th July 2018
2. Closing date for entries will be 1st September, three weeks before VicBrew 2018, which is to be held 22-23 September 2018.
3. New bottle size limits will be strictly enforced (max. 90 mm diameter, max 300 mm height including cap)

Westgate Stout Extravaganza 2018 results now available (apologies for the delay)


Upcomming Competitions for 2018. Some of the open club competitions for 2018 have now been set. Details of competitions scheduled so far are:

  1. Beerfest 2018 hosted by "The Melbourne Brewers". Competition to be held on 24 - 25 February 2018.

    Venue is Pete's Warehouse, Unit 11/12 Edina Rd, Ferntree Gully VIC 3156. Entries close February 10th. Web:

  2. Merri Mashers IPA Comp 2018 . On Sunday the 25th of March 2018, judging will be held for the 2018 competition at The Terminus Hotel in Clifton Hill. See for full details

    Judges and Stewards Required:

    Free lunch is included for all judges and stewards, and there will be a raffle with some great prizes. A special collaboration beer will be tapped on the day. Plenty of Mashers will be around to talk beer and brewing, and all home brewers are welcome to join us at The Terminus Hotel North Fitzroy.

    Judging will commence at 1pm sharp on Sunday the 25th of March 2018.

    The sign up form can be found at:

  3. Belgian Beerfest 2018 hosted by "The Yarra Valley Brewers". Competition to be held on Saturday 21st April 2018 at Hargreaves Hill Brewery in Lilydale.


Partial results for AABC 2017 now available.


Eltham & District Winemakers Guild - Annual Wine Show - Sunday 19th November
Just a reminder to all winemakers to get your show entries in by the 16th October 2017
There is less than four weeks left for entries to be lodged.
The 16th of October is the cut off for all entry forms.

As well as Gold, Silver and Bronze classification awards and solid medals for Gold & Silver all winemakers will have access to judges’ comments on their specific entries.
Also we have Special Amateur Awards & Perpetual Trophies
· Jo Illian Trophy: Best Mead

· Bill Christophersen Trophy: Best Previous Vintage Shiraz

· Harry Gilham Trophy: Best Country Winemaker

· Keith TraegerTrophy : Best Grape Winemaker

· Andy Miezies Trophy : Best Female Winemaker

· Eltham Guild Winemaker Of The Year (WOTY)

Get your entries in and join us for a fabulous day of wine tasting, special events, trade stands and results announcements
The link to the entry form is -
Good Luck and may the best wines win!

Mario M Anders – Treasurer/Secretary


Official Results for Vicbrew 2017 are now available. Results and judging sheets should be available to entrants in compmaster later this evening.

Thanks to the many judges, stewards and other volunteers who helped make the event a sucess.


The 2017 Bayside Brewers Oktoberfest Homebrew Competition will be held on Saturday 7th October - from 11 am.
Hickinbotham Winery - 194 Nepean Hwy Dromana VIC (Melway Ref: 160 K2)

Category & Styles:
1. German Ales - Hefeweizen, Dunkleweizen, Weizenbock, Altbiers, Kolsch
2. Light coloured lagers - German Pilsner, Munich Helles, Dortmunder Export
3. Dark coloured lagers - Schwarzbier, Munich Dunkel, Oktoberfest, Vienna Lager, Rauchbier
4. Bocks - MaiBock, Traditional Bock, Dopplebock, Eisbock

NB - we will NOT be accepting entries on the day of the comp, so please drop off your entries to one of the usual locations the week before the comp.

Transport/camping -
Transport can be arranged to/from Frankston station.
Camping is available at the winery if you'd like to stay Saturday night. Many of the Bayside members camp. The club will be putting on a spit roast Saturday night, and breakfast on Sunday (for a small fee), or you're welcome to cater for yourself.



Results for the Yarra Valley Brewers Belgian Beerfest 2017 are now online.
NOTE: That some results announced at the event were incorrect! Yarra Valley Brewers apologise for the mistake.
Thanks to everyone who judged and helped out on the day.
Results and trophies will be posted early next week.


Vicbrew will be held on September 16th and 17th at a venue to be determined. AABC 2017 will be held in Perth on October 14th and 15th.

21/03/2017 New AABC (and Vicbrew) Categories and Styleguides

The list of categories and styleguides to by used at the National Competion (AABC 2017 in Perth) have finally been released. A number of substyles have been added and style descriptions updated using the 2015 BJCP revisions. Vicbrew 2017 will also use the updated AABC guides. The List of AABC cateories and the full AABC styleguides are available in pdf format.

Beerfest 2017 Results and the Merri Mashers IPA Competition Results are now online


The Melboune Brewers "Beerfest 2017" competition is still seeking judges and stewards for this competition on February 23 and 24th. Competition details available on The Melbourne Brewers website.

The Yarra Valley Brewers "Belgian Beerfest 2017" competition will be held at Hargreaves Hill Brewery on April 1st. Competition details now online.


Bayside Brewers Oktoberfest will be held on November 5th this year after ANHC 2016. Details and entry forms are now on the Bayside Oktoberfest website.


Official Vicbrew 2016 Results summary and Full Results are now online.


Congratulations to all place getters at Vicbrew 2016 last weekend. The entry form for qualifying entries for AABC 2016 is now available.


Entries for Vicbrew 2016 can now be registered online at Entries must be delivered to a Vicbrew 2016 collection point by Saturday August 20th.


Thank you to all the people who helped the Yarra Valley Brewers run Belgian Beerfest 2016 on Saturday.

Official results now available.


For anyone interested in mead, fruit wine or still & sparkling cider the Eltham and District Wine Show has categories for each!

Eltham and District Wine Show 2016 - save the date

As a previous entrant to the Eltham and District Wine Show we invite you to participate again.

The 47th Annual Wine Show will be held on the Saturday and Sunday 12th & 13th Nov 2016 so get your wines ready.
The entry forms and brochures are already on our website -

We would also take this opportunity to invite you to become a member and get these advantages from membership
· Low cost membership, very good value for money
· Friendly monthly meetings where wine making issues can be discussed with peers
· Experienced key note speakers providing information and feedback
· Really practical and useful advice on winemaking from invited speakers and also from general conversation with members.
· Great source of ideas for different kinds of winemaking and Improved personal wine appreciation and knowledge
· Opportunity to become involved as a Committee member and get more involved
· Opportunity to link in a group with other members to make country and grape wines.
· Email forum for online discussions with members and monthly newsletter.
· Use of guild equipment and friendly assistance and advice
If you download the form now - - we will waive the joining fee and also give you free membership for the next three months
Joining the Guild will also entitle you to attend the Annual International Dinner on the 21st May at the Veneto Club and the theme this year is French Cuisine - $50 per head for a great night of wine, food and entertainment.
More details when you send in your membership application
kind regards
Mario M Anders - Treasurer


Full rules for Vicbrew 2016.


Important information for all VicBrew 2016 entrants, judges and stewards.
1. Entries will be online only.
2. Closing date for entries will be 20 August, three weeks before VicBrew 2016, which is tentatively set for 10-11 September 2016.
3. New bottle size limits will be strictly enforced (max. 90 mm diameter, max 300 mm height including cap)

The running of VicBrew 2015 was a challenge. The hugely increased number of entries, combined with limited available manpower stretched the limits of the systems that have been used for previous competitions. This caused quite a few issues and a lot of problem solving on-the-fly during the Competition. Everybody involved deserves credit for pulling together and making it work despite those challenges.

In order to address these issues and in anticipation of increasing entries in ensuing years, robust discussion has been had within the organising committee and some changes made to the way VicBrew will be run for 2016. These are designed to enable us to cope with 600+ entries and make the competition run more smoothly for all involved – entrants, judges, stewards, and the organising committee. All of these changes will be subject to review after VicBrew 2016.

Changes affecting entrants
1. Entries will be online only. There will be no provision or allowance for paper entries of any kind. Offline entries make up about 30% of all entries, but take 3-4 people several days to collect entries from all the drop-off points and collate the information associated with them. An online-only system will free up a considerable number of hours and reduce the number of registration errors. It will also provide us with full details about entry numbers in each category as soon as entries close, which will allow us to better plan the competition and finalise the judging roster much earlier. We are working on a re-vamped online system with better stability and functionality, which will be up and running for VicBrew 2016. We expect that entrants without computer access will be able to ask a friend to assist with entering.

2. Entries will close 3 weeks before the competition instead of 2 weeks to allow us to better deal with the expected increased number of entries, to improve planning, and to reduce stress for all involved.

3. Bottle size limits will be strictly enforced. The absolute maximum dimensions are:
Diameter - 90mm.
Height - including cap or cork 300mm.
Minimum volume requirements remain unchanged.

These values are determined by the dimensions of the crates we have available, as there will be no flexibility to deal with over-size bottles. Do not enter anything that's “Just a couple of mm over”, it will not fit and will be disqualified.

Changes affecting judges and stewards:
Because of the large number of entries in many categories, it is no longer feasible for the same set of two to three judges to judge every beer in a category. For example, at VicBrew 2015 half of the 20 categories had more beers than could be judged in a single day. Thus we really needed 20 to 30 judges able to judge both days, but many judges were only available for one day. This led to a shortage of judges for some categories but other judges who we couldn’t use or who were under-utilised.

The judging system will be changed to better deal with this:

1. All large categories will be split into flights (group of about 12 beers) with each flight judged by a different judging panel. The scores from the panels will be compared directly against each other and used to determine the winning beers. There will be no scaling to account for potential differences between the judging panels. This is effectively the system we use to determine Champion Beer, which is selected as the highest scoring beer across all categories. In some competitions, additional judging of the best of the flights is done (often called a mini-BOS, e.g., but this requires an additional bottle from all entrants and this is considered impractical at our current venue. We realise that this system is not perfect but consider that it is better than the system we’ve been using with some judges having to evaluate 30+ beers in the one day, sometimes very strong and very bitter, with consequent consistency issues.

2. Where necessary, VicBrew will adopt a queued judging system. This system is explained at It still uses several sets of judging panels, but instead of having a pre-determined list of beers for each panel, as each panel finishes judging a beer, they are served the next beer off the master list for the whole category. This means that only one steward is required for the category and it simplifies the serving procedure.

3. Where necessary, some entries may be pre-judged before the main competition. This will allow us to make more efficient use of judge availability and space.

Provisional date for 2016:
The date for Vicbrew 2016 has been tentatively set for the 10th-11th September.


Thank you to all the people who volunteered their time to help at Vicbrew over the last 2 days.

We had a record number of entries; 602 vs 458 last year, so we needed every pair of hands we could get. We can only make this work with your help.

Official results now available.