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Vicbrew Club Sponsorship offer for 2022:

For 2022 Vicbrew is offering to provide a cash sponsorship towards any club running an Open Competition in Victoria. Terms are as follows

  1. Cash sponsorship of $150 to any club running an open brewing competition where all Victorian residents are eligible to enter will be made upon application (The availability and amount of sponsorship to be reviewed annually and subject to Vicbrew finances)
  2. Sponsorship to be available to all Victorian based clubs that have representation on the Vicbrew Committee with a limit of one sponsorship per club per year.
  3. Applications for sponsorship must be made prior to event.

contact admin@vicbrew.org to apply for sponsorship offer.

Bayside Brewers (in Melbourne's southern suburbs)

Bayside Brewers

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Melbourne Brewers (in Melbourne's eastern suburbs)

Melbourne Brewers

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Merri Mashers (Melbourne's Inner-Northern Suburbs)

Merri Mashers

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