Australian BJCP

Why learn how to judge beer?

Why learn how to judge beer?
Becoming a ranked beer judge will improve your appreciation of beer and teach you beer tasting and evaluation skills. You’ll learn how to give useful feedback on a judging sheet It’ll also help you evaluate and improve your own beers and learn to select the most appropriate styles to enter them in competitions.

What’s the BJCP?

The BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) is an American non-profit organisation that runs a program of certifying beer judges, preparing style guidelines and generally promoting beer literacy. Judges are ranked at levels from Apprentice up to Grand Master. Judge ranking depends on your mark in the BJCP exams and judging experience accrued at BJCP-registered competitions.

What is Vicbrew's involvement?

Part of Vicbrew's mission is to improve the standard of judging in Victoria and to assist in training new judges. Anyone can register a BJCP exam and run a training course. Vicbrew can offer experience and advice to help it run smoothly.

The Vicbrew website also serves as a noticeboard for people interested in BJCP activities in Victoria. If you're interested in running or attending a BJCP course or exam, let us know.

The Study Course

The exact format of the courses and exams will vary, but will usually consists of a series of tasting and study sessions prior to the exam. The cost will also vary, but currently are around AU $80, plus the BJCP exam fees.

Study material and contact information for all BJCP courses worldwide can be found here
BJCP Exam Program

Please email to get in touch if you believe you are eligible to sit the written BJCP exam, or have any questions or suggestions regarding BJCP activities in Victoria.