Vicbrew: The Voice of Craft Brewers in Victoria, Australia

Vicbrew was established in 1995 as an informal committee primarily set-up to organise and run the Victorian Amateur/Craft/Home Brewing competition and assist with the organisation and running an Australian Amateur/Craft/Home Brewing competition. Its members are representatives of various Victorian Home Brewing Clubs and as such provide a means of communication between the Clubs which facilitates a co-ordination of Club activities. As a secondary role, Vicbrew will, finances permitting, encourage the novice brewer by providing sponsorship of a "Best Novice Brewer" prize at sanctioned Victorian Amateur/Craft/Home Brewing competitions.

Current tasks and aims of the Vicbrew Organising Committee

  • To represent the interests of Victorian amateur brewers at the national level and to promote the Australian Amateur Brewing Championships (AABC) in Victoria.
  • Organisation of the annual "Victorian State Amateur Brewing Championships.
  • Promotion of Inter-club competitions between Victorian amateur brew clubs.
  • Standardisation of style guidelines and judging sheets at Victorian amateur brewing competitions to ensure consistency and fairness.
  • Educational workshops for beer judging to improve the overall standard of beer judging in Victoria and to broaden the pool of judges available at craft brewing competitions.
  • Encourage friendship and the exchange of ideas between craft brewers throughout the State of Victoria.

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